ON/OFF Float Control Valve

Envotec Model E5100-11 Delayed Action Non-Modulating Float Control valves are designed to mechanically ON/OFF, fully open or fully close when the liquid level reaches min or max pre-set point. The valve remains closed, until the float reaches the low pre-determined adjustable levels. Then the valve fully opens, until the float reaches the high pre-determined adjustable level and closes drip-tight. The desired High/Low levels can be achieved by positioning the upper & lower collars. The float pilot assembly can be valve or remotely mounted.

  • High hydrodynamic section globe body, without stagnation pockets.
  • NSF approved epoxy coating internal/external suits potable(drinking) water applications.
  • Simple structure, easy installation/disassembly.
  • Head loss and cavitation risks reduction.
  • Excellent corrosion strength.
  • Conformity with both European and American standards.
  • Valve equipped with pilot strainer to protect foreign debris entering to the pilot system.
  • Valve equipped with isolation cocks for easy maintenance.
  • Maintenance and repairs is possible without removing the main valve body from the line.
  • Valve equipped with pressure gauge for physical visualization of inlet/outlet pressure.
  • Main-valve body provisioned with drain plug for flushing out dirt during the preliminary installation and when required.

⏺ Max. Working Pressure: 16 bar (232 psi)
⏺ Max. Working Temperature: 80ºC (176°F)
⏺ Nominal Diameter: DN32~ DN600
⏺ Fluid Medium: Water

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