Rate of Flow Control Valve

Envotec E5300-10 Rate of Flow Control Valve Maintains a constant flow rate, adjustable, regardless of fluctuations in line pressure. The rate of flow pilot senses the differential pressure across a orifice plate and modulates to keep constant flow rate set on flow regulating pilot. The Orifice Plate Assembly should be installed three to five pipe diameters downstream (outlet) of the Rate of Flow control Valve, and field connected valve and orifice plate with 3/8″ (minimum) copper tubing.

  • High hydrodynamic section globe body, without stagnation pockets
  • NSF Approved epoxy coating internal/external suits potable(drinking) water applications
  • Simple structure, easy installation/disassembly
  • Head loss and cavitation risks reduction
  • Excellent corrosion strength
  • Conformity with both European and American standards
  • Valve equipped with pilot strainer to protect foreign debris entering to the pilot system
  • Valve equipped with isolation cocks for easy maintenance
  • Maintenance and repairs is possible without removing the main valve body from the line.
  • Valve equipped with pressure gauge for physical visualization of inlet/outlet pressure
  • Main-valve body provisioned with drain plug for flushing out dirt during the preliminary installation and when required
  • Valve equipped with position indicator for physical visualization of valve open/close position

  • Max. Working Pressure: 16 bar (232 psi)
  • Max. Working Temperature: 80ºC (176°F)
  • Nominal Diameter: DN32~ DN600
  • Fluid Medium: Water
  • Flow Range: 15 – 11000 USGPM
  • Orifice Plate: Sized as per application and per your acceptable
    pressure drop

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