Brass Automatic Air Vent

The Envotec model ETA-4 Automatic Air Vents used in plumbing, HVAC, and fire fighting systems to continually remove potentially dangerous air trapped in the system without the need for manual bleeding. The atmosphere within a piping system can cause excessive noise due to trapped air, reduce the accuracy of control valves and the performance of heating and cooling equipment. One of the essential functions of the Envotec Automatic Air Vent is to release air as the system is being filled with water and then automatically isolating and preventing water loss from the system.

The Envotec Automatic Air Vent are high-quality solid DZR & heat resistant polypropylene to provide long life & durability in piping systems to help vent air when commissioning a system.

  • Excellent resistance to dezincification & high general corrosion resistance.
  • Body and cover are DZR brass construction.
  • It can be disassembled for inspection and cleaning.
  • The float is high-temperature resistant polyethylene.
  • Impurities do not usually affect function as the maximum float line of water is always lower than the valve seal.

  • Max. Working Pressure: 174 psi (12 bar)
  • Max. Working Temperature: 120ºC (248ºF)
  • Connection: Male Threaded

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