Air and Vacuum Valve

The Envotec Air and Vacuum Valve, with its orifice the same diameter as its inlet, allows large quantities of air to be vented from systems being filled with liquid. The same holds true in reverse for vacuum conditions when the system
is drained. It is designed in such way that the velocity of air passing through the valve will not blow the float shut at normal design volumes. It will not close until the arrival of liquid in the valve, and will not open to vent accumulating air as long as the system is under pressure and in operation.

Envotec Air and Vacuum Valves also have guides which direct the float onto the seat upon closure. These guides are peripheral to the float, and fixed to the body or the cup and hanger assembly. This peripheral guide system allows
unobstructed closure because there are no guide bushings to collect dirt and then bind, and there are no shafts to bend or deform, which would prevent a drip tight seal.

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